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What to Expect from Call Centers in 2019

We’re already a few months into 2019, and new trends are starting to be observed throughout a variety of industries. From manufacturing to technology, fresh trends emerge each year – and the same can be said about the call center business. As early as we are in the new year, there are already trends taking place worth reporting about.

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Representative Training Increase

If you’re not already aware, a call center can be a massive asset for any business. Most people are, indeed, aware of this fact, and that has created competition throughout the call center industry. With so much to compete against, call centers are having to make sure what they’re offering is nothing but the highest quality. There’s no room for the weakest link during the heat of competition, so every call center is taking extra measures to be sure their representatives are trained as much as possible. After all, when it comes to quality and producing results, it’s the call center reps that make it all happen.

Career Pathing

When most people accept a job, they’re looking to be in it for the long haul. Rarely do you find someone who is happy with a temporary job and enjoys bouncing around from place to place. Employers also love when they can maintain employees for extended periods of time. Because of this, we are seeing an increase in call centers developing career paths for representatives. This is especially true since call center competition has created a tight labor market that is currently being experienced. Career pathing for representatives not only boosts retention but will also help call centers build out their pipeline of internal talent.

Representative Retention

Speaking of retention, that is also something being seen in call centers early in 2019. Turnover is a natural part of the workforce and happens in all industries. However, it has always seemed to be a consistent issue with call centers. The aforementioned labor market hasn’t helped with turnover either – only making it harder to keep good employees. Losing a call center representative can also prove to be costly, with the hiring, onboarding and training required to bring aboard a replacement.

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With recent advancements in call center technology, opportunities have arisen for call centers to offer their employees flextime or remote work. Having options such as these will help in certain cases and allows the center to be more “employee-focused.” The rise of weekly competitions and chances for bonuses has also contributed to representative retention. Holding competitions for most sales in a week or highest customer satisfaction encourages those who perform well to stick around and continue to earn higher pay.

Increase in the Hiring of Recent Graduates

There’s no one more dedicated to finding a job than a recent graduate. Whether it’s college or high school, these graduates are eager to join the workforce and start making some real money. The trend of hiring these new grads has also been affected by the competitiveness of the industry. With so many new players joining the ranks of call centers, there has been a correlating increase in call center representatives. Some may think an increase in new-grad hires is detrimental due to lack of experience, but it’s important to note that every great representative had to start somewhere, and recent graduates are always eager to get to work and make a good impression.


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