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Benefits of a Voice Call

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It’s no secret that phone calls have decreased in popularity in favor of texts and direct messages, but 56% of businesses still cite phone calls as the most popular way for customers to get in touch with them. Industries that rely heavily on voice calls, like customer service and telecommunications, need communications software to handle the rise and fall of call volumes while still delivering seamless customer service. 





What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and it’s a sophisticated type of communications technology best described as an internet telephone. VoIP technology uses the internet to deliver and receive calls, which means that it has many functions outside of a traditional landline. Because of this, voice calls have so many more advantages for businesses that rely on customer services, such as hospitality, healthcare, e-commerce, and more. And it doesn’t stop there. 


Advantages of VoIP

VoIP technology can offer a business a ton of benefits, including: 

  • Portability. It is easily transferable to new offices or buildings in the event of a relocation. It can be accessed remotely through internet login, allowing employees to work from home or in multiple office spaces. 
  • Functionality. On top of the usual telephone functions like caller ID, virtual numbers, contact lists, and voicemail, VoIP can pair with your company’s communication software to identify a customer, pull up their account details, and display their purchase history. You can also transfer various media formats (like images, video, or text) during your phone or video calls.
  • Reliability. A huge benefit of VoIP is its reliability and flexibility. If office phone equipment goes out of service or a network crashes, calls can always be forwarded to mobile phones and other devices. Natural causes, like weather issues or power outages, no longer threaten your overall productivity. 
  • Scalability. VoIP is highly scalable, which supports your efficiency efforts while remaining highly cost-effective at the same time. And because you can easily add new lines as you hire and eliminate lines as you downsize, you’re only ever paying for what you need, which helps keep costs at the bare minimum.


These voice call advantages revolve around the business’s ability to foster deeper connections with customers. With every scenario mentioned above, VoIP allows your business to recalibrate as needed to remain available to your customer. 



With a properly trained team, a VoIP system can make a customer’s voice call experience quick and memorable because it offers a range of features that increase the timeliness of customer service. The last thing anyone wants is to be placed on hold or transferred from person to person. VoIP systems can quickly route incoming customers to the right agent, while intelligent software pulls up client information for an agent. Analytics can then show where the gaps are in your customer service strategy so you can iron out processes and resolve inefficiencies. With these tools at hand, there should be no reason your customers should wait or want again when calling a customer service line. 


Emotional Connection, Clarity, and Effectiveness

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VoIP calls are better at promoting connective exchanges between brands and their customers than social media interactions or online help chats. When a customer is calling in for assistance, it’s typically in a state of high emotion. That panic or frustration they feel can either be heightened or calmed by the entire interaction. An appropriately trained and experienced representative at the other end of a voice call can establish a human connection and resolve frustration with simply the right words and tone of voice. This positive interaction helps re-establish trust in your brand, one that may have been lost forever on an online help chat.


Gold Mountain Communications

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When you place a high value on your customer service, you place a high value on your brand. Don’t start your call center outsourcing with the wrong systems in place. Contact Gold Mountain Communications today to see how we can help your small business reach its potential with voice calls!