What is an Inbound Call Center?

What is an Inbound Call Center? For a business to succeed, customer service is key. Quality customer service helps promote goods and services and customer lifetime value. To provide the support your business desires, it’s best to have an inbound call center handle all your customer service needs.   What is an Inbound Call? Call…

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Forecasting in the Call Center

How does Call Center Forecasting Work?   Forecasting isn’t just for weather anymore. Nowadays, many industries use various forecasting levels to predict market trends, sales, costs, profit margins, etc. While it might not immediately come to mind, call center forecasting is something the industry relies on heavily as well.   What is Call Center Forecasting?…

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Call Center Myths

Call Center Myths The call center industry, like many others, has always been subject to stereotypes and myths. When choosing to employ a call center for your customer service and sales needs, knowing which myths are false is essential.     Why are there so many myths about call centers? Call center myths exist because…

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Click-to-call Services and the Benefits

Click-to-call Services and the Benefits Gold Mountain Communications provides a wide variety of high-quality call center capabilities. From inbound services to additional capabilities, we’re your leading source for all things customer service and support. One such capability we provide involves the use of click-to-call services. What are Click-to-Call Services? Sometimes referred to as click-to-dial, click-to-talk,…

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24/7 Customer Support

24/7 Customer Support: Benefits and Advantages   In the day and age where anyone from any part of the world can tell someone else about their experience, 24/7 customer support is as essential as ever. Continuous, around-the-clock support is critical for a business because it helps develop a reputation of helpfulness, retain customers, and attract…

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CALL CENTER TRENDS FOR 2022   Like most worldwide industries, the call center industry experiences its fair share of trends and innovations each year. This year is no exception, and there is no lack of call center trends to take advantage of in 2022.   Intelligent Call Routing Intelligent call routing, or ICR, is designed…