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24/7 Customer Support:
Benefits and Advantages

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In the day and age where anyone from any part of the world can tell someone else about their experience, 24/7 customer support is as essential as ever. Continuous, around-the-clock support is critical for a business because it helps develop a reputation of helpfulness, retain customers, and attract new ones.


What does 27/4 Customer Support mean?

Society has grown to expect service whenever, wherever – meaning 24/7 customer support is no longer a complimentary service but a necessity for success. If your business cannot provide support to customers when it is convenient for them, they are more likely to seek out those who can meet their support demands. Instant gratification and immediate access to various desires are now how people operate in our technology-laden world. Continuous customer support means providing services, such as two-day shipping, online support chats, and 24/7 call centers, that were unthinkable not even a decade ago.


24/7 Customer Support

Benefits and Advantages of 24/7 Customer Support

Meet customer expectations in a digital-first world

Providing society’s preferred support today isn’t easy. Customers desire the warmth of human communication while requiring the speed and efficiency of automated services. It’s challenging for a business to meet this need; a need that has been introduced by consumer expectations and the rapidly advancing technological landscape of customer communications.

Customers want to be able to shop and purchase products and services at all times of the day. They also believe that since your business is willing to take their hard-earned money at any time of day, you should also be capable of answering questions and providing support at all hours. By providing customers with 24/7 customer support, a business creates a certain level of trust with its consumers. Trust that can significantly increase customer satisfaction and your bottom line.


Increase sales

By creating a 24/7 customer support channel, your business is also opening another channel for sales. Each time your business comes in contact with a customer, an opportunity presents itself to make a transaction. The customer’s primary concern is to have their immediate needs or questions satisfied, but part of that may involve presenting them with certain upgrades or increased services.


Provide support in local time zones

24/7 customer support and 24/7 call centers offer support for those late-night shoppers. It also offers support for customers who may be in a different time zone from your business. Offering 24/7 support makes it possible to serve a global customer base, growing your business beyond its home region. If your business only offered support during regular, local business hours, then international customers in different time zones would struggle to contact your support team – making them more likely to abandon your brand.


What does 24/7 Customer Support mean for your company?

Having a continuous channel for customer support often requires the use of a 24/7 call center. Over-the-phone customer service and sales aren’t just for anybody, though. They are acquired skills that involve extensive training. Not everyone is capable of sufficient conversational skills on the phone. Training is necessary for effective communication and proactively resolving issues in a responsive way. Outsourcing customer service takes the burden (and cost) of training and employing support specialists off your business.

At Gold Mountain Communications, our call center agents have worked with dozens of clients and handled every imaginable customer service and sales situation. Knowing that every inbound call will be handled by an experienced, skilled, and pragmatic specialist relieves many stressors. This level of service also adds to your brand’s professional reputation and integrity.