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Click-to-call Services and the Benefits

Gold Mountain Communications provides a wide variety of high-quality call center capabilities. From inbound services to additional capabilities, we’re your leading source for all things customer service and support. One such capability we provide involves the use of click-to-call services.

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What are Click-to-Call Services?

Sometimes referred to as click-to-dial, click-to-talk, or click-to-text, click-to-call services are a type of direct-response marketing. Once a potential customer has reviewed your product information and other online content, they can contact your business almost immediately with the click of a button. Its convenience makes click-to-call a great tool to utilize for boosting lead numbers and increasing return on investment (ROI).


How Click-to-Call Services Work

In simple terms, click-to-call technology involves a prospective customer clicking a phone number on a website while viewing it on a computer or mobile device. Once clicked, the customer’s default calling app pops up a message with the option to call that number.

The primary purpose of click-to-call services is to connect high-priority leads to your sales team or customers in need to your support staff. While this service often uses a callback model, it almost instantly connects those using it with live customer support. Whether they are calling about business hours, additional product details, or other concerns, click-to-call phone numbers quickly address the issue and increase customer satisfaction.



Benefits of Click-to-Call

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The advantages of the click-to-call approach are clear. Once the click-to-call link has been activated, it will trigger an outbound call to their phone number. In theory, the customer will receive a highly personalized call from a support agent with one mouse click.


Collect Customer Data Instantly

While the call is being processed, your support team can pull relevant information about the customer – including their name and what webpage they’re viewing. This information is helpful to the customer service agent because it saves time and spares the customer from stating or repeating that information.


Drive Conversions

Click-to-call services provide easy, hassle-free connections between customers and your sales or support staff. Due to the almost instantaneous nature of the service, it can lead to an increase in conversions. The customer is already looking into your product or service and motivated to buy. All that’s left is someone to help complete the purchase. A single button simplifies that process.


Capture Mobile Users

Click-to-call services are also excellent for capturing information from those using mobile phones. By tracking cookies and other information, you can get a better idea of the interests and needs of potential customers.


Improve Customer Segmentation

By capturing additional customer information, it is easier to divide them into segments based on common characteristics. Those characteristics include demographics or behaviors so that you can market to those customers more efficiently and effectively.


Empowers Customer Support Agents

Knowledge is power when it comes to sales and support. The more data you can collect and provide your agents, the more effective and productive they can be with customers. With click-to-call services, support agents can see what webpage a customer is calling from – providing essential context to solve the customer’s problem. This information can streamline the interaction to make the agents more effective at problem-solving and improve first-time resolution rates.


Faster Call Routing

By efficiently collecting customer information through click-to-call services, your support staff can route callers to the proper departments faster. With help from VoIP, customers’ needs can be managed and distributed to the appropriate personnel.


How Gold Mountain Can Help

Gold Mountain Communications employs click-to-call services for many of its clients. By utilizing the platform to its fullest, we are experts in guidance and management from setup to implementation and measurement. Contact us today to learn how this service can benefit your company.