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Outsourcing Market Research

Outsourcing Market Research to Call Centers It cannot be understated how vital market research is to a business. Whether it’s researching industry standards, customer expectations, or growing trends, this process is one of the most effective and productive ways to understand the wants and needs of customers. It is so crucial that one could say…

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Outsourcing Outbound Surveys

Outsourcing Outbound Surveys Outbound surveys are essential to any business. Because of how competitive markets are, companies feel pressure to what their customers want and need more than ever. In addition, there is pressure to understand the market trends, practices, and even how competitors are shifting. When sending outbound surveys, one may immediately think they are…

Gold Mountain Communications - Call Centers and Political Campaigns

Call Centers and Politics

Call Centers and Politics Fall is upon us, and with it, this year also comes election season. Legislative seats, state governorships, and local/state judgeships are all up for grabs, and politicians are hot on the campaign trail in preparation for the November election day. With it being an election year, Gold Mountain Communications thought it would be…