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Call Centers and Politics

Gold Mountain Communications - Call Centers and Political Campaigns

Fall is upon us and with it, this year also comes election season. Legislative seats, state governorships, and local/state judgeships are all up for grabs, and politicians are hot on the campaign trail in preparation for the November election day. With it being an election year, Gold Mountain Communications thought it would be a great idea to dive deep into the discussion of how call centers play an important role during the political elections.

What are Political Call Centers?

There are two options for politicians when it comes to call centers. They can choose to outsource their call centers to professional companies such as Gold Mountain that specialize in sales, marketing and communication, or they can form their own call centers using their campaign staff. These staffers mainly consist of volunteers and interns.

Both types of political call centers dedicate themselves to having curated lists of contacts so their efforts in outbound calling don’t go to waste by calling the wrong people. These call centers collect contact information from telephone directories and electoral roll and census data and have preexisting data regarding party information from such things as petitions and email lists.

Do Political Call Centers Work?

If you were to ask politicians this question, their answer would be short and sweet: yes. During any given re-election year, phone and mail communication firms can pull in as much as $8 million from political action committees.

There are some that may get annoyed from receiving calls, texts or emails from a political candidate asking for their voting opinions. However, based on the amount of campaign money spent on political call centers, it is safe to say politicians view the number of upset voters as minute compared to those benefitting from these calls.

Technology is Crucial for a Successful Campaign

It’s been discussed in the past how technology is crucial for any call center, and that is true for political call centers as well. Technology utilized by call centers such as automatic outbound caller ID can be truly beneficial for a campaign. People tend to not answer calls from unknown numbers outside their area code. Increased pickup rates are associated directly with automatic outbound caller ID because the call is coming from a number within the person’s own area code.

Gold Mountain Communications - Political Call Centers

Another piece of technology that is helpful for a political call center is call disposition codes. This software is used by a number of professional call centers and helps a representative gauge whether or not a call to a certain individual was effective or not. If the person being called becomes hostile over the phone, this software will know to flag that phone number so the representative will not dial it again.

We all know how important politics are in the world, and now we know how important call centers are to those politics as well. Whether it is collecting data for campaigning or determining which person to call or not call, professional and newly made call centers are a vital piece of strategy in any campaign, large or small.


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