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How Call Centers Increase Customer Satisfaction

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The Customer Journey

Customer satisfaction is key to having a successful call center experience. When customers call your business, do they expect to be on the phone for hours trying to get their problem solved, or are they excited to have an enjoyable interaction that results in having a majority of their questions answered promptly and without conflict?

Supplying a pleasant and satisfying experience is essential for both the client and the call center to ensure customer satisfaction. Doing so will set your business apart and grow your customer devotion. Increasing customer satisfaction not only makes customers happier anytime they call, but it also can lead to continual sales in the future. Nearly 50% of customers will share a positive interaction with a friend, usually in-person, phone, or email. Flip that around, and approximately the same amount of customers will share their bad experience with another friend. This word-of-mouth reference system shows how crucial setting the tone of a call experience is and how that can change the number of customers that may come back to your business for help when needed. 


To ensure customer satisfaction, understanding the customer journey is essential. Understanding where the consumer is with their needs and what the next step should be will help your agents make the needed customized journeys. 

To track where each customer is, you need a series of tools such as call tracking software and conversational analytics. Call tracking software helps marketers collect data from consumer phone conversations to prove which campaign or approach prompted the call and what the call’s outcome was.



Decrease Customer Effort

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Decreasing customer effort is a large part of increasing customer satisfaction. The less work a consumer needs to put in, the better. Sales are known to grow as a direct result of lowered customer effort. A few ways to lessen effort put in by customers are:

  • Calling the customer back if there is a disconnection, so they don’t have to
  • Comprehending the questions quickly and distinctly
  • Not having the customer repeat what they’ve said
  • Give helpful information to the customer based on their needs
  • Resolving customer’s problems the first time they need help
  • Getting engaged agents

Contacting the customer before they contact you is key to decreasing customer effort. Your agents should contact the customer with applicable, customized, and opportune calls for the job to be successful. Being in contact with the customers throughout the customer journey without them picking up the phone first helps lower their effort and increase customer satisfaction. Your agents can:

  • Remind customers of upcoming payments
  • Customize loyalty rewards
  • Alert customers to potential scamming efforts


Customer Feedback

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Customer feedback is another essential part of a call center’s development. With customer feedback, your business knows exactly what improvements are required and what tactics are working well. Customers may not give feedback, and here are a few reasons why:

  • The department that controls the customer service may be hard contact
  • Unresolved customer questions/issues
  • Poor business representation
  • Poor prior experiences

Without complaints or feedback from customers, your call center may not be able to improve. Making customer service quick and accessible is key for getting the feedback you need, leading to higher customer satisfaction. 


Customer satisfaction is a critical factor in running a business well. Happy customers mean good business. Ensuring each agent is responsive, insightful, and pays attention is essential in reaching excellent customer satisfaction. Gold Mountain Communications offers a variety of services to help with your customer retention efforts. Contact Us today to find out more!