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Recruiting Gen Z

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Who is Gen Z?

Gen Z is the generation born after who we know as millennials. Millennials were the generation born between 1981 and 1996. Gen Z is commonly known to start in 1997. With the oldest of Gen Z being in their early 20s, many are just beginning to sink their claws into the career workforce. Recruiting Gen Z is a new challenge.

They are a group of young people known for diversity and broader thinking. Many people tend to think that Gen Zers are some of the luckiest and well-off generations but turn out to have even more challenges than their parents. Growing up and watching family and friends struggle, this generation has developed the skills of being more independent and realistic. 

Interestingly enough, according to The Changing Child Population of the United States, Gen Zers are known to be the last primarily white generation. With 52% being White, 25% being Hispanic, 14% being Black, and 4% being Asian. Growing up in a more diverse world can be incredibly useful for the different outlooks on life and the world that this generation has. 


Why should you focus on Recruiting Gen Z?

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Gen Zers grew up with a strong sense of connectedness, having complete information at their fingertips, leading to a vast expansion of knowledge and resources, which can be incredibly beneficial. When confronted with new tech or devices, they have an intuitive ability to identify what is valuable. They can distinguish between a trend and something useful, expecting businesses to do the same.

Younger generations can contribute in ways that they may not be credited for. Employers may look to Gen Z and only see their lack of experience, or their different ways of thinking, instead of treating it as an advantage. Recruiting Gen Z can be incredibly beneficial. Taking what the older generations carry and offer, and blending that with what this younger generation has to offer, can create something great. Recruiting Gen Z comes with their idealism and self-reliance. They have a high devotion to their work, favoring earnings and job opportunities over having a family or traveling. 

Gen Zers are great at showing their excitement for learning and growing their career. Offering a new outlook on the world while being enthusiastic about sharing the knowledge of technology these young people have, is not an asset to shy away from. 


How to Recruit Gen Z

Side profile photo portrait of confident Gen Z call center assistant worker in headphones microphoneGen Z is going into the workforce at a time when there is a global talent scarcity. The talent competition is fiercer than ever, thanks to Gen Z’s growing demands for shorter time-to-hire, more face-to-face communication, and a high-tech hiring process.

As a result, employers will have to think between the lines to attract and recruit Gen Z.Creating the workforce more attractive and progressive will be beneficial in recruiting Gen Zers. Employers can achieve this by doing the following things:

  • Start the recruitment process now.
  • Offer stable opportunities, such as insurance, retirement plans, and flexible time off.
  • Take freelance work into consideration. This young generation breaks traditional working methods and turns them into freelance and contract work. Roughly 50% of Gen Z is now working freelance. 
  • Offer a tech-friendly workspace. Recruiting Gen Z may take some upgrades. They may not want to settle somewhere with non-upgraded equipment because they are so tech-savvy. 
  • Keep the recruitment process efficient. 54% of Gen Zers won’t even apply if the process is long or dated.
  • Listen to what they have to say. 

Gen Z has a lot of new and evolving ideas to offer in this new and evolving world. Offering them a chance and thinking of this new generation as having an equal amount of knowledge to give will benefit everyone involved. Employers that are a part of an older generation have just as much to learn from this younger generation, just as Gen Z has to learn. 


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