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Call Centers and Automation

Many discussions have been had and plenty of articles have been written about what all a call center can do for your business. We have even discussed it at great lengths in our latest posts. We’ve gone on and on about the services offered and how professional call center representatives can boost business and lead to more satisfied customers, but we haven’t talked much about the non-human service offered by call centers: automation.

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What is automation?

It’s no secret that most call centers are working with the latest and greatest in technology. One piece of that technology is automation software. It’s highly likely that you have encountered automation software in the past, whether you have called into a business or they have called you. Simply put, automation is just electronic processes call centers use to stay in touch with customers. Even simpler, it’s a machine using some form of artificial intelligence to communicate with a customer.

Is it customizable?

Absolutely. Just like the surveys you want sent out or the script representatives must read from, call center automation is completely customizable so your business can get exactly what they want out of it. Whether it’s how many emails to send out during a certain period of time or what to say while utilizing SMS messaging, your desires and requests can all be met – and your message can be clearly communicated – while using automation software.

What automation services are there?

The most popular form of automation is the machine often encountered on the phone. A better term for it is customized IVR trees. IVR stands for interactive voice response and is used by automated answering systems to direct calls to the correct party. One customer may need to speak to a representative while another just needs to check the status of something. That’s where these IVR trees come into play.

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Automation isn’t just pressing one for English, two for Spanish and three to speak to a representative, though. Automation software can be used with text messaging for actions such as confirming appointments, sending out specials or discounts, and notifying customers of newsworthy information. It can also be used for quick chats on your business’s website. Customizable automated responses can be inputted into the software and used in response to a customer asking a question recognized by the software’s algorithm. This makes asking questions and learning new information convenient for customers, and simple for your business.

In Conclusion

In today’s world, everyone loves the easy way. Some people prefer speaking to a live human when it comes to customer service, while a great deal would rather quick, easy and less human contact. If easy is what the people want, it doesn’t get much easier than automation. Whether it’s for certain calls, taking a poll or survey, or sending out emails or text messages, automation software can be utilized for a wide variety of reasons. All of which are sure to improve customer service and the bottom line of your business. You’d be surprised how well the perfect mix of automation and live contact from professionals can work.


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