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Utilizing a Call Center as a Marketing Tool

Since their conception, call centers have predominantly been thought of as a tool for customer service. While there is a tremendous amount of validity to that claim, they can also be good for other areas of business. One such area is marketing.

Make Some Noise with Marketing

On the surface, it may seem as if call centers and marketing aren’t necessarily a match. After all, marketing focuses on customer acquisition while call centers are known for customer service and customer retention; two incredibly different, yet equally important, aspects of a business. However, there are a few different ways, if done properly, a company can utilize its call center as a strategic marketing resource.

Cause a Stir (In a Good Way)

Causing a stir doesn’t always have to be about getting attention for the wrong reasons. Often times, a “stir” on the internet or in the local news deals with poor service and disgruntled customers. However, a call center that can create some buzz, or cause a good stir, can be an effective marketing tool. Every time a call center representative goes the extra mile to provide great customer service, a business should use that to its advantage. Whether it is reposting a five-star review online or sharing a unique experience that occurred, the opportunity to garner free, positive and potentially viral publicity is something that should never be passed up.

Increase Customer Engagement

Top-flight call centers help businesses connect with customers and foster a sense of community. By doing this effective marketing tool, it allows a business to build brand loyalty and improve its brand image – all at the same time. Every time a representative is on the phone, they are building a relationship with that customer. If it turns out to be positive, that can create a loyal customer that helps spread the word and build up the brand.

Call Centers as a Marketing Tool

Use Content as a Marketing Tool

One of the most essential necessities in marketing is content. A business’s marketing team should always be on the lookout for new content creation ideas. As the people within the company most in contact with customers, the call center is a honey hole of marketable content ideas. If a business is impressing customers with superior support and experience efforts, the marketing team can source these real-life customer service examples and successes for use in online and print content.

People are influenced by people, so why not take a page from the “Causing a Stir” section and market other people’s good experiences? If a business can show its network how trusting other customers are and how much they enjoy buying products or services, the chances of convincing others in the sales funnel drastically increase.

In the end, call centers should be all about customer service. But, why not kill two birds with one stone and use it as a marketing tool as well? With all the data and communication that flows through a call center during any given day, it would be ludicrous not to utilize it for marketing in one way or another.