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The Making of a Good Call Center

If you own a business or play a major role in your business’s day-to-day affairs, chances are you either currently employ a call center or have considered it. If you’re in the middle of weighing your options in regards to which call center to choose, you have probably already been told more than a few times “we have the call center that’s right for you” or “we’re the best in the industry.” Everyone loves to hype up their business, regardless of what industry it’s in, and the same can be said for call centers. But, in the end, how do you really know if a call center is good?

At one point in time, it would seem all call centers were the same. They were all viewed as low-cost channels for resolving customer concerns. “A room with a bunch of people sitting in front of a phone,” most would probably say. Now, call centers are seen as increasingly powerful service delivery mechanisms and generators of revenue. Because they are now viewed in this light and have such high importance placed on them, it’s crucial for a business to have a good one.

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IT Solutions for a Quality Call Center

Part of what makes a call center a good call center has to do with it’s IT hardware and software solutions. If the center isn’t up to date on its tech, your business could lose ground with the competition in a hurry. Information technology and connectivity play a key role in the operations of a call center. Whether it’s communication between operations and customers or operations and your business, technology is relied on heavily to monitor these business operations and maintain all the data collected. Operations would cease to exist without IT, which is why a reliable call center always places an emphasis on quality IT software and hardware for data storage and protection.

Quality Assurance

Another key aspect of a top-notch call center is accountability and quality assurance. To do good work, you have to expect good work from all the representatives within the call center. There must also be expectations in place. Client expectations and business delivery should always be aligned and accounted for in tangible format. When a call center’s success is measurable – and perhaps incentives are in place for those who succeed – it is easier to ensure that operations are aligned and deliver what is required.

Call Center Statistics

Statistics aren’t just for the back of baseball cards. One critical piece of information your business will need to know when looking for a high-quality call center is how much volume it can take. Some of the most important statistics to know are calls answered, average ring time (under 20 seconds is best), average hold time to answer (under 30 seconds is best) and lost calls. Customers are all about quick and easy, and that is especially true for customer service. When there is a missed call in a call center, it takes too long to answer a call or customers are left on long holds, you can imagine how displeased those placing the calls are.

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In Conclusion

There is much to consider when deciding whether a call center is good or not. These three subjects are just some of the many aspects that should be taken into consideration. Customer satisfaction and the quality of the call center representatives being employed are other things to consider as well. Employing a call center is not something to be taken lightly, so be sure your business does its homework before making a final decision.