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How Call Centers Help with Hiring

For your typical company, much goes into the hiring process. Large corporations may have talent advisors and human resources departments dedicated to searching and vetting applicants, but not everyone has that luxury. When you need an extra hand filling an open position or two, call centers may just provide the assistance you need.

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Hiring thru Social Media

It seems like everything starts with social media these days. With its marketing capabilities and the potential to reach customers across the globe, a social media presence is crucial for any company. It can be vital during the hiring process as well. Open positions are great content to post on social sites such as Facebook and Twitter and can reach a large group of potential applicants. So how can a call center help in this aspect? Those postings your company is going to be making will undoubtedly receive some responses. So much so, you may need some help with responding. Given access to social media sites and briefing on what is expected of the job, a typical call center in today’s industry is more than capable of fielding all inquiries and responding or forwarding them to those in charge who can better answer.

Email Recruitment

Part of what call centers do best is email. Marketing emails are a key aspect of any marketing strategy and generate plenty of communication between the company and its customers. Some of those emails are likely to be newsletters as well. Within those emails is the potential to include job openings within the company. If someone on the email list were to reply to the newsletter email with a question regarding job openings, those in the call center monitoring the replies can direct them appropriately.

Career Fairs

In relation to emails and newsletters, a company’s presence at a career fair is noteworthy enough to include in said emails. Call centers can help with questions regarding the career fair (time, location, booth location, etc.), and can also help with other aspects relating to it. These aspects include calling potential applicants, news outlets, etc. to inform them of the company’s career fair presence, and can receive calls after the career fair from those who took business cards and contact information from company representatives present at the fair.

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Online Chats

Many websites utilize online chat features to assist customers with potential questions they may have. Some of these are automated algorithms that reply based on what type of question is asked, and others are actually manned by real employees. Often times, those behind the chat replies reside within a call center. So, when someone visits a website with a question regarding an open position, such as where to apply, can they apply in person, what are the qualifications, etc., call center representatives can lend their assistance.

In Conclusion

Call centers have many useful attributes in their repertoire and have the manpower and technology to assist companies with a variety of needs. One of those needs deals with hiring and searching for potential job applicants. Call center representatives can spread the word, assist with questions, direct them to the proper places to apply, and provide any other information that may be warranted.