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Make a Good First Impression Using a Call Center

Call centers are most commonly used to satisfy customer service needs. Because of this, it’s important to know what customers want and expect when they are dealing with a call center. From the first impression to resolution, knowing what’s expected is a great way to ensure customers are satisfied.

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Professionalism and Friendliness

Work can be a grind sometimes. We can all admit there are some days when we just aren’t feeling it. No matter a mood or how a day is going, outside factors can’t be allowed to negatively affect a representative’s handling of a customer. When someone is speaking to a call center representative, first and foremost they are expecting to be treated with respect. Additionally, they are hoping to hold a conversation with an informed individual. We’re not saying call centers have to be overjoyed to speak to each and every person on the phone, but knowledge, respect and a smile tends to translate well over the phone.

A Good First Impression

Piggybacking off friendliness, a good first impression has come to be expected by customers. Manners through the phone are key to good interactions. Call center representatives must be polite and lead the call, even if the customer is angered or frustrated. Calls are often won or lost in the first 30 seconds, making the first impression that much more crucial. A good first impression to a customer can be as simple as acknowledging the caller and signaling that you are in control of the call and willing to help.

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Quick Resolution

From a common sense standpoint, a quick resolution is obviously expected. The one thing customers want more than anything when speaking to a call center representative is a fast solution to their questions or concerns. A good way to achieve fast, first-call resolution is to make customer information readily available to representatives. Having to record information from the customer (email, account info, etc.) can get annoying and take time away from resolving the issue at hand. Information is the key to quick resolutions, regardless of if it’s the customer’s or about a product, service, etc.

Transparency and Accountability

Everyone wants honesty. That should be a no-brainer. When there’s an issue with a product or service, a customer almost always wants customer service to admit when there’s a fault on their end or be honest as to why there is an issue in the first place. Honesty truly is the best policy, and a lack of it can possibly cause more issues in the future. A good way to prove to customers that you are willing to be transparent and accountable is to provide them with transcripts and reference numbers and by having representatives clearly say their names/introduce themselves. Doing so gives customers something to provide if they need to call again and speak with someone different.

When it comes to what customers want from a call center, they mainly want to have their questions answered and issues resolved – but that’s not all of it. Courtesy, professionalism and honesty are also expected from those on the phone in addition to a resolution. A call center that can provide all of that in one phone call is one that is truly focused on customer service.